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David Wenham in Russia



Deadliest_warrior TV- series documentary

Subject: War/Military History
Country: USA
Company: Spike-TV
Runtime: 2 Seasons (24 Episodes)


Geoff Desmoulin ... Himself - Biomedical Engineer
Armand Dorian ...Himself
Max Geiger... Himself - Computer Programmer
David Wenham (rumored) or Drew Skye (credited)    ...Narrator (voice)

It is a very paradoxical show, wrapped moreover in semi-mystical mist.

In the era of computer progress any bold and crazy idea, even boyish fantasies on who is stronger - an Apache Indian or a Roman gladiator, could be made to come true.

In the case of this telecast, it's amusing how the creators attempt to provide a scientific basis for a child's game. Very serious and intelligent professionals, combining their deep knowledge of military history, medicine, martial arts and computer programming, find out who would win in a hypothetical slaughterhouse: Viking vs. Samurai, Spartan vs. Ninja, Pirate vs. Knight, Maori warrior vs. Shaolin monk, William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu, Yakuza vs. Mafia, Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz, IRA vs. TalibanЕ

Fantasia can only be limited by budget and timekeeping of the show.

Factful discussions on the topic are accompanied by a demonstration of historical, exotic and modern weapons and their destructive power, by computer simulations and eerie performances with a bloody outcome. In general, it's a documentary fiction action film in all its Hollywood beauty.

There is no mystery and everything is clear in this show for the viewer, not particularly experienced in the field of Wenhamania.

However, David Wenham's fans seriously crossed spears in another fierce battle: "David Wenham vs. Drew Skye".

The websites of the Spike -TV channel and the show absolutely don't give any information regarding the identity of the show's Narrator. Though credits reveal his name - Drew Skye, a very enigmatic personality. In the complete absence of any information about him, the imitative abilities of Drew Skye were considered as unique thing, because he succeeded in copying the voice of the one-eyed narrator Dilios from cult film "300". Among the many "fakes" Drew Skye's talent shines with its obvious genius. It's so fantastic that the informal Internet considered Drew Skye to be the screen name of David.

After watching some episodes of this "popular science" film, we are clearly inclined to the latter point of view. However, the veil of secrecy will be finally torn off only if David himself confirms his participation in the show. Taking into account his reputation and previous experience of the serious work in the documentaries, it's doubtful that he'll ever do it.

We advise all fans of such kind of show to check the details at Wikipedia.

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