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David Wenham in Russia



still 2011

Director: Jim Loach
Writer: Rona Munro
Music: Lisa Gerrard
Genre: Drama
Country: UK/ Australia
Running Time: 100 min.
Awards: 16 nominations: AACTA Award - Best Lead Actor (David Wenham), Best Lead Actress (Emily Watson), Best Costume Design, Best Film; IF Award - Best Actor (David Wenham), Best Music, Best Script, Best Sound; AFCA Award - Best Actor (David Wenham) and others...

6 wins: AACTA Award - Best Supporting Actor (Hugo Weaving);IF Awards - Best Actress (Emily Watson); AFCA Award - Best Actress (Emily Watson); Australian Catholic Film Office (ACFO) Best Film of 2011 and others...

After a year, which was full of exciting father's cares for David and a painful expectation for his fans, he went again to a set. This time he chose a very modest in a budget, but mighty in the actors' staff and in the plot project, which is in the area very different from his previous Hollywood blockbusters and epic sagas. Simply speaking, David has returned to his own element, where he always felt at home - to a social drama.

One more heart-rending story of an outrageous state lawlessness and a noble selfless devotion, based on absolutely real events, widely known and discussed among world English-speaking society.

In 1986 an ordinary social worker from Nottingham Margaret Humphries has got a letter from a certain Australian woman with an ardent request to find her parents, who, in her opinion, live somewhere in England and from whom she was separated in her early childhood. Firmly confident that there is any mistake, Margaret had begun a search, which led her to a terrific discovery, that is considered nowadays as the greatest scandal in the modern western history.

Mrs. Humphries went down in history as a woman, who laid bare the most abominable scheme of a state regulation of demographic problem, which existed during four centuries - praxis of violent children's migration from Britain to the countries of British Commonwealth of Nations, as a result of what ten thousand families were separated and kids lost their childhood.

An audacious and restless woman, risking her family's welfare and even her own safety, took the long and risky way to another end of the world and dedicated her life to connecting of separated lives. Thousands of grown up "orphans", disabled in the true and figurative sense of this word through the monstrous injustice, consider Margaret Humphries by rights their second mother, because she has returned them their true parents.

Is it any wonder that in their ranks David's character is especially distinguished? To alleviate the fans, his cinematic fate has made another sharp turn, transforming him from "the child abuser" (Neil Fletcher, "Australia") to "the offended child."


Emily Watson    ...Margaret Humphreys
David Wenham    ...Len
Hugo Weaving    ...Jack
Tara Morice    ...Pauline
Richard Dillane    ...Merv
Federay Holmes    ...Charlotte
Lorraine Ashbourne    ...Nicky
Stuart Wolfenden    ...Bill
Helen Grayson    ... Bureaucrat
Adam Morgan    ...The Intruder
Neil May    ...Councillor
Adam Tedder    ...Doctor
Tammy Wakefield    ...Susan

and the others...


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