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In_Like_Flynn Writer: Steve M. Albert, Alexander Djamirze, Errol Flynn (novel), Luke Flynn, Corey Large, Marc Furmie
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Producer: Luke Flynn, Corey Large, Felipe Dieppa
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia

In Like Flynn is an American slang phrase that has come down to us since the Golden Age of Hollywood, when the ladies of both hemispheres have been going crazy only with crooked smile of the legendary lucky Tasmanian.

But very few people know that the irresistible lady-killer Errol Flynn, the classic Hollywood playboy, who played the noble robbers and brave heroes, was getting his screen spirit of adventurism not from actor's talent, but from his own stormy life.

A journalist, a gold prospector, a smuggler, a guide in the jungle, a street fighter - that's far from a complete list of professions of the future star on a thorny path to riches and fame. Until the photo of the young adventurer, who was in distress on a small yacht "Sirocco", did not catch the eye of the famous Hollywood director.

Errol Flynn told us the story of his desperate youth in his autobiographical book "Beam Ends!". Naturally, it always have been screen-worthy. And in the end, its time has came.

The adventure biopic, actively promoted by Luke Flynn, the grandson of the great grandfather, depicts the romantic pre-Hollywood era of the recognized sex symbol of the 30s and 40s.

The young adventurer Flynn has everything you need for happiness. He has a map, found in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, leading to the treasures. He has a team of friends, which he gathered on the streets of Sydney.

He has a yacht that he hijacked from smugglers. And he has virulent competitors, led by the mayor of Townsville, who armed with a frightening mustache and the ineradicable charm of David Wenham.


Thomas Cocquerel    ... Errol Flynn
Corey Large    ...Rex
William Moseley    ...Dook Adams
Clive Standen    ... Charlie
Callan Mulvey    ...Johnson
David Wenham    ...Christian Travers
David Hennessey    ...Rudolph
Isabel Lucas    ... Rose
Nathalie Kelley    ...Zaca
Grace Huang    ... Achun
and others