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David Wenham in Russia



(TV program, 2015, Season 7, Episode 4)

Who_do_you_think_you_are Writer: Ilona Bare, Alan Carter
Director: Ilona Bare, Alan Carter
Producer: Brian Beaton, Margie Bryant
Genre: documentary
Country: Australia
Running Time: 50 min.
Release Date: 25 August 2015

One of the most wellthoughtof long-liver of TV screen, the documentary series "Who do you think you are?" attracts millions of viewers in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia for many years.

The plot of the show develops around genealogical researches of the invited celebrities, who try to clarify the white spots in the history of their family.

Seventh season of the Australian program presented a sudden gift to the residents of Wenhamania: usually reserved and secretive David, not so often sharing the secrets of his personal life, agreed to participate in the project.

Everybody who closely follow David was shocked by the sudden discovery: at fact his father's birth name was Bill Bateup. He lost his biological parents at a young age and was adopted by the Wenhams. That was all David's knowledge in family history.

Confused by the questions of his little daughter David realized that it would be nice to investigate some very intricate moments of the past.

So with the help of professional genealogists, historians and archivists, he set off in a fascinating journey through the dark labyrinths of his genealogy, where he was expected by many surprising and dramatic revelations.

Among the shabby archival documents, among museum collections and library yellowed newspapers, David discovered a brave grandfather, a participant of the grand battles of Gallipoli (1915) and the Somme (1916), who did not stay a hero in peacetime, and poor, abandoned grandmother, who fought like a heroine, saving the shards of her family's happiness.

Revision of skeletons in the family closet and the answers to questions brought out a lot of conflicting emotions. But it undoubtedly made David closer to his fans, deeply touched by the sad story and the intelligent nobility of the son, who was following the trail of his beloved father's family secrets.


David Wenham