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TV mini-series, 2018

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Romper_Stomper Writer: Geoffrey Wright, James Napier Robertson, Omar Musa, Malcolm Knox
Director: Geoffrey Wright, James Napier Robertson, Daina Reid
Producer: John Edwards, Dan Edwards
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia
Runtime: 6 episodes

The violent Hando of Russell Crowe from the cult movie, which was most often compared to the brutal Brett Sprague (The Boys), nonetheless caught up with David after a quarter of a century. Australian director and screenwriter Geoffrey Wright, the creator of "Romper Stomper", took him out to his team which is filming the television sequel of the controversial but talented picture of 1992 about a gang of skinheads ignominiously ruining themselves in the stone jungles of Melbourne.

25 years later, the overthrown into the underworld demon broke free again. The planet is shivering with the fascist fever, which is spread not only from the dirty dens, but from the respectable offices, by the crowds of nameless Nazis and glamorous media characters. The world balances on the edge of a razor again, choking with hatred and blood.

Is it worth to hide your head in the sand and ignore this fact or must we ruthlessly expose social ulcers, at the risk of encountering ambiguous resonance? What role in this hard mix will play the TV mini-series with such a defiant content? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, viewers have to wonder how the remaining members of Hando's gang and his own child, hardly not killed before birth by his dad, used their own lives.

The son of Hando and Gabe, young Kane, the new generation of skinheads, is now experiencing father's paths, fighting for leadership in the neo-Nazi organization. A right-wing shock jock of David provides accompaniment for the violent activity of the skinheads. Nobody will ask for more. All the rest is dialectics.


Toby Wallace    ... Kane
Sophie Lowe    ...Zoe
Jacqueline McKenzie    ... Gabe
David Wenham    ... Jago
Dan Wyllie    ...Vic
Lachy Hulme    ... Blake
John Brumpton    ..McGoo
Julian Maroun    ... Farid
and others