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(TV Series, 2017)

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Top_of_the_Lake_China_Girl Writer: Jane Campion, Gerard Lee
Director: Jane Campion, Ariel Kleiman
Producer: Philippa Campbell, Jane Campion, Jamie Laurenson
Genre: Drama, Criminal
Country: Australia, USA
Running Time: 7 episodes
Release Date: 23 May 2017, Cannes Film Festival

After the resounding success of the first season of "Top of the Lake", the militant matriarch of screen feminism, Jane Campion with renewed zeal continues to plunge into the depths of her own man-hating reality .

Her long-suffering leading woman, Robin Griffin, left the picturesque shores of Moke Lake and returned to Sydney, but the abyss of suffering caused by sophisticated male meanness remained with her.

As before, Robin is alone, childless, inaccessible and desirable for every man she meets. And she is filled with the desire to punish any scoundrels who revel in their superiority over defenseless women.

This time an uncompromising detective investigates the brutal murder of a young China girl, whose corpse packed in a white suitcase was thrown to the beach by stormy waves. Moreover Robin reveals a number of gloomy and sad secrets of the sex industry, surrogate motherhood and the inner circle of her own daughter, the rebellious teen Mary, whom Robin left at birth for reasons of a very tragic nature.

Perhaps, Mrs. Campion felt that David's character in the first season was too ambiguous. Or may be, thirst of revenge against all men for all their insults played its evil joke. But the shocking stroke of the screenwriter quite unexpectedly crossed the paths of poor Robin Griffin and Al Parker who still obsessed over her. Never before Wenamania had been so happy, because this intersection was so fleeting.


Elisabeth Moss    ... Robin Griffin
Nicole Kidman    ... Julia
Alice Englert    ... Mary
Ewen Leslie    ...Pyke
David Dencik    ...Alexander 'Puss' Brown
Gwendoline Christie    ...Miranda Hilmarson
David Wenham    ... Al Parker
and others